Well, the faces thing is back, with a few more for you. I have been pushing myself pretty hard lately….

It is all about getting the pictures of the people that I meet and interact with now. I still love to take pictures of still life and that sort of thing, but I am really starting to feel that I can get so much more from my work by going out and taking pictures of people, face to face. I have a couple of new projects that I would like to work on as well, but for now my focus is going to be trying to get peoples faces. I am not really going to specify a type of camera, or a film, just whatever I have to hand.

To be honest I am excited and nervous about this all at the same time. It is a pretty tough thing to do and will certainly put me out of my comfort zone, but what the hell, I am sure that it will be a lot of fun.

So, here are a few more of my pictures of people in Japan, I hope that you like them. Please don’t steal them or anything. Contact me if you wish to use them for something. You can see some of these on Flickr as well.

[nggallery id=8]