There are millions of interesting faces, here are a few. We are surrounded by millions, but how often do we really look at their faces?

I have been taking photos for years, and for the most part they have been either crap or in no form of direction. I decided recently that I really needed to document the faces of the people around me, and specifically people that interest me. Japan is a fascinating place and it needs to be show, but not in that cliched way that most people show it. Yeah, basically we have all seen the geisha shots or the yamamba girls. How about some regular people?

After the earthquake I thought it would be nice to try and show people smiling, because to me that is what I want from my interactions with people, to evoke a smile. I am not a sensationalist or a paparazzi trying to grab a wild shot, I feel that it is important to interact with my subject so that I can really show them and see how their character comes through.

In this series of pictures I am trying to show just that, the real people of Tokyo. I hope that it will continue to be a large piece of my work. More will come soon.

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