Miniature cameras don’t come much cooler than this
The Sharan Minox 110 mini cameras are a tiny piece of beauty, but the best thing is, they actually work. Come and read a bit more about these remarkable little cameras.

When I was at the camera show I stumbled across these mini cameras which are modelled on classic cameras from the past. I had seen them before online, but I had not actually held one. I thought they would be cheap or made poorly, but these ones made in Japan under the Sharan label are beautifully constructed. The feel solid and well made, just like the real thing. The cameras all use an Azonon 15mm f/5.6 lens with a fixed aperture and a single shutter speed of 1/250th. They are not really something to use seriously, more of something that will be a bit of fun. They all use minox film cartridges, so the negs are going to be tiny. But that doesn’t matter…look at them…

Nikon F in black

Nikon F in silver

Nikon SP (my personal favourite)

Black Contax Rangefinder

Leica If

Black Leica IIIf Swedish Military


Hasselblad SWC

And of course the M3 that you see in the main picture. See how pretty they are? They even come with lovely little miniature lens caps and a strap. Each one of the masterpieces comes in its own clear plastic presentation case and a lovely box. This is how small they really are, as you can see, they are tiny.

The supplier has told me that there are now hardly any of them left and they only have maybe one or two of each in stock. If you would like one of these awesome little cameras they are 28,000 yen plus shipping. You can contact me by clicking on this lovely link and I will be able to get one of these awesome little cameras for you.