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They are back! The Bikkuri film cases are finally available. And no, despite what Eric Kim says, they are not called Bukkake cases, that would be disgusting.
Bikkuri means surprise in Japanese, and each one of these cases is a surprise, you don’t quite know what you are going to get. These are the new JapanCameraHunter cases, except for one difference, these ones come full to the brim with 10 rolls of film! But as these are the Bikkuri cases, you are going to be in for a surprise, as you will not know what is inside until you open the case. But don’t worry, you are not going to open the case to find a bunch of cheap, expired film. These cases will have a selection of interesting, unusual, regular and fun films inside them. Some of the films that you might find in your case are going to be unique or soon to be discontinued films, which makes them all the more special.

Unfortunately due to the rise in the price of film over the last year I cannot do these for the same prices that I used to, I really wish that I could. Slide film has become especially expensive now. But I make sure that you get value for your money.

The Mono Bikkuri case
Exactly what you think it is. Only monochrome films inside this little beauty. So who knows what it will be? Acros? Neopan? Fomapan? This is it, you just don’t know. But trust me, there will be an interesting enough selection to put a smile on your face.
Price: 9500 Yen plus shipping

The Color Bikkuri case
Does what is says on the tin, and interesting selection of colour films for you, ranging from Agfa Vista and Solaris, through Fuji Premium, Astia, Venus and Natura, right up to Pro H and Portra. Only the lords of film know what is inside each case.
Price: 10000 yen plus shipping

*NEW* The Half and Half. Half colour film, half black and white, all fun!
A nice little mix of black and white, and colour film. Brought to you by popular request.
Price: 9500 yen plus shipping

The Premium Bikkuri case
The premium Bikkuri case for the discerning customer. A classic selection of the very best of the best. Only the high end films in this case, no Kodak Gold for you, oh no. This case will have a selection of Mono, color neg and positive films of the very highest level. The Rolls Royce of film cases.
Price: 15000 yen plus shipping

Shipping is about 2500 yen for one case, 4500 for 2 cases and so on. Just click the button and it will calculate it for you.

There is a processing time for these cases, I have to wait for the cases to arrive and then I assemble all of these myself, which takes time. I will get them ready fo you as quickly as possible, but it is not going to be overnight. Thanks for your understanding.

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135 Bikkuri Film Cases

Colour Case, Mono Case, Premium Case, The Half And Half

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